Contribution Options

We are extremely grateful for the care and support provided by our "families" at Duke and New England Medical Center. Every doctor, every nurse, every technician did their utmost to help Faith and make her feel loved and comforted even in the most trying of circumstances. Any of the following contribution options will help these institutions continue to do their best for current and future patients.

Books for Faith

In March 2002, the most wonderful tribute to our daughter was created by the parents of Faith's classmates at Barrows Elementary School: a special collection of library books. These books mean a great deal to us and we love to contribute to this effort; we hope that you will too. Contributions may be sent to:

Barrows School
16 Edgemont Ave
Reading, MA 01867
Attn: Karen Callan, Principal

Please include a note stating the purpose of your gift.

The Faith Altbush Fund

Following the first two months at Duke, Faith’s week-to-week care was the responsibility of the wonderful staff of the Pediatric Hematology-Oncology (PHO) Department of New England Medical Center (NEMC) .

The purpose of the Faith Altbush Fund is to improve the comfort of PHO patients during outpatient visits to the Clinic and during inpatient stays on the Medical Wing of the Floating Hospital for Children. This is not research money. The reality of weekly cancer treatment is not always pleasant: chemotherapy, infusions, blood tests and long clinic visits. The goal of this Fund is to allow the PHO Department to make capital improvements so that time spent in the Clinic and the Medical Wing is as pleasant as possible. Your support of the Faith Altbush Fund can have an immediate and direct impact on patients and their families.

Tax-deductible contributions may be sent to:

The Faith Altbush Fund
Development Office
New England Medical Center
750 Washington Street, Box 231
Boston, MA 02111

Brain Tumor Center at Duke

The following explains the key reasons that we traveled to the Brain Tumor Center at Duke for Faith’s treatment.

  "Since brain stem gliomas are relatively uncommon and require complex management, children with such tumors deserve evaluation in a comprehensive cancer center... In particular, for diffuse brain stem gliomas, because of their rarity and poor prognosis, children and their families should be encouraged to participate in clinical trials attempting to improve survival with innovative therapy."

Excerpted from: Brain Stem Gliomas in Childhood by Dana R. Foer, PA-C, Paul Graham Fisher, MD, MHS

Will a cure for this terrible tumor be discovered in our lifetime? Your support will help to ensure that research can continue and that patients will have the best treatment options available.

Tax-deductible contributions may be sent to:

The Brain Tumor Center at Duke
Duke University Medical Center
DUMC – 3624
Durham, NC 27710

Please include a short note stating the purpose of the gift.

Or make an online contribution To ensure that your donation goes to the Brain Tumor Center, please note the instructions provided.

Beanie Babies

MRI’s are the essential means by which brain tumors are diagnosed and evaluated. In the course of her treatment, Faith had 11 MRI’s. While the scans don’t hurt, they can be stressful. It is essential to ensure that young patients are willing to undergo these procedures.

A special practice at Duke is to reward children with a Beanie Baby at the end of their MRI session. This always meant a lot to Faith. You may purchase Beanie Babies and send them to Duke for distribution to young patients.

The Brain Tumor Center at Duke
Attn: Melody Ann Watral
228 Baker House
Trent Drive
Durham, NC 27710

Please include a short note stating the purpose of the gift.

Beanies come in several sizes. We are talking about the ones specifically marked as "The Beanie Babies Collection" (or ones of a comparable size).