Opening words

Rev. Robin Landerman Zucker

It has been written:

"Love doesnít die, people do.
So when all thatís left of me is love
Give me away."

Welcome. We have come together this morning in a kinship of deep grief to mourn the tragic death of our beloved Faith Emily Altbush, an eight-year-old child who embodied pure innocence, joy, and courage; who gave away her love so freely, and whose vitality was taken from her so brutally and too soon. This is the most cruel and unnatural of gatherings.

Yet, while it is good to grieve, we gather also to lift up and express our gratitude for those deeper things about Faith that will never pass away or lose their vitality, but will remain an inspiration, and shall forevermore.

We stand with our present sorrow and with our glad memories of Faith in the presence of an impenetrable mystery. By our attendance here in this Sanctuary, we pay tribute to Faith and express our love and support for her family. Their loss is so sharp and so deep. We can never know their private pain as Faithís devoted, inspiring caregivers.

And so we have come together.
It is right and fitting that we have come together
For a human life is sacred
And so is its ending.