Welcome to Heaven

by Marilyn Altbush

Months before his death, my father had a vision. Dad had been diagnosed in March 1996 with bladder cancer. In June, he was scheduled for a MRI to determine the progress of his disease. While lying isolated within the confined space of the MRI machine, he said he had a vision of his deceased mother. His mother was sitting next to Jesus. She seemed happy and she spoke to Dad, saying simply, "It will be okay". We wondered what this message could mean? Our sense was that her message was a sign to Dad that death, when it came, was not to be feared. He would find love and comfort in the next world, as he had in this one.

Unlike Dad, Faith never understood death. She never knew about the mortal danger she was in. We did not discuss death or an after-life with her. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to burden her with such information. Leaving us was not something Faith ever expected.

It is my hope that Dad is there to welcome his granddaughter to heaven. I pray that Faith’s beloved Papa, is there to care for her, to soothe her fears, and to give her hugs and kisses. Please embrace her and keep her safe, and give her all the love and comfort that we gave her ourselves in this world.