Beanies for Faith

In December, 2001 and January, 2002, the children at Faith's school donated beanies to be sent down to the Brain Tumor Center at Duke (see Contribution Options). Over 200 beanies were collected! During December and January, the beanies were placed in the display case in the front hallway of the school for everyone to admire. We sent the following thank you note to the kids.

To All the Children at Barrows School,

You have done a truly wonderful thing! We were very happy to see that you have donated so many beanie babies to send to The Brain Tumor Center at Duke. This is such a special thing that you have done. Let us tell you why.

First, these gifts come from your heart. Each beanie is a little bit of love that you are sending to Faith. When we saw so many beanies, we were overjoyed to see so much love.

Second, these beanies will be given to children just like Faith. All of the doctors and nurses at the Duke hospital are wonderful, caring people. But, even so, it can be scary for young patients to get so many medical tests and treatments. Receiving a beanie baby always made Faith feel better. You will be doing the same for many other kids as well.

Third, you are donating these beanies without even knowing who will be receiving them. Unlike a birthday or Christmas present, you will probably never meet the child who will benefit from your gift. But you should know that this is the best form of kindness and generosity.

Many thanks for remembering Faith in such a wonderful way.