The Basket of Love

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One day in March 2001, Faith came home from Nana's with a small wicker basket. The basket was only about 4"x6" and 2" deep and seemingly had little practical use. But like most children, Faith had a certain genius with putting small containers to creative uses. Faith set to work transforming the basket and, after a few days, Faith proudly returned it to Nana. We have always referred to this as the "basket of love". Attached to the handle of the basket was a tag that said "Love". Inside the basket were five slips of paper, each one an expression of love for Nana.

So what was this all about? To understand, you have to think of this from Faith's perspective. In her first grade class, Faith was just learning to read and write. Most importantly, she was undergoing that important transformation of becoming a writer. More than just learning to form letters or spell words, she was learning to express herself on paper. Each piece of paper was a little bit of magic that captured her words, her thoughts, her voice. Think of the novelty for a seven-year old!

In many ways this was like Faith's interest in the telephone — the wonderful ability to communicate with someone who was someplace else. Faith always giggled with delight to hear someone's voice over the phone and then to convey her thoughts back. She always loved to call Nana everyday after school. But the notes in this basket were even better! Through the magic of writing, these notes could make it possible for Nana to have Faith with her anytime. This is why the "basket of love" is such an important memento. We have lost Faith. But through her notes, her spirit and her message of love remain with us forever.

Do you love me? I do love you Nana

I love you

I love Nana

Call my mama. Please kiss me

I love my Nana so much and I love you so big. I mean I love Nana